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Jail Search

Looking to see if someone is in our jail? Follow this link to our search page

We have received some complaints about the new site. You must know the first and last name that the inmate was booked under. We use their legal name. You can use * as a wildcard character but you must put the first initial of the name in  the field.  If you still have trouble you can contact the booking desk at 817-594-4208.

  1. Colette O'Connor permalink

    Your sight is not working will not let me search anyone. Tried on several different devices.

    • PCSO permalink

      The above link should work now. If it does not, you can go to the County’s webpage at and click on the link near the bottom for judicial search.

  2. Ryan permalink

    Why can you not search by date anymore?

    • PCSO permalink

      Our new Judicial/Records Management software doesn’t have that option. We are exploring ways to see if it can be acquired at some date in the future.

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