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Inmate Commissary


Commissary is subcontracted out to LoneStar Commissary. Offenders are allowed to make weekly purchases up to $200.00.

If you wish to send money in to an inmate for their commissary purchases, you can drop off a cashier’s check or money order to the Visitation Officer during visitation hours or mail one into the facility. The cashier’s check or money order must be in the name of “C/O Inmate Trust Fund” and then the inmates name.  In addition, a person may place money in an inmate’s account utilizing the kiosk in the lobby of the jail.  The kiosk will only accept cash when adding to an inmate’s account. 


Offenders are served three hot meals per day, with a minimum of 3,000 calories per offender per day. Special Diets are provided as required either medically or religiously.

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