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Contacting an Inmate

By Mail:

You can mail correspondence to an inmate at the following address:

Inmate’s Name
C/O Parker County Jail
612 Jameson St.
Weatherford, TX  76086

All incoming and outgoing inmate mail is screened. No drugs, tobacco, money, or sexually explicit material is allowed in the jail and will be destroyed upon receipt. Do not send stamps, paper, or envelopes to an inmate, as the inmate has access to those resources through the jail commissary.

Inmates may have up to 24 photographs which must be from a photo lab or a store kiosk.  No inkjet-printed materials, such as photos or internet resources, will be allowed.

Correspondences with glue, paperclips, stickers, tape, liquids, perfume, or lipstick are prohibited and will not be allowed in the jail.

Correspondence or photos with firearms, drugs, gang signs, or alcohol are prohibited and will be destroyed.

Inmates may receive magazines and paperback books (up to 3 at a time, any more than that will be discarded) that are mailed from an online provider or directly from the publisher.

Any magazine or book that contains sexually explicit material or celebrates immoral, illegal, or seditious conduct will be destroyed.

Inmates can also receive up to 3 pairs of white socks, white underwear (briefs or boxers), white thermals top/bottom (not one piece), and white t-shirts (no tank tops or pockets) by an online retailer through the mail.  Any more than 3 at a time will be discarded.

By Phone:

The Inmate phone system changed in August of 2022 and is now serviced by: Correct Solutions Group

Inmate’s can contact you by phone utilizing our inmate phone system. You can set up an account here. If you have questions about the inmate phone system you can check  here  or contact the Parker County Jail staff. You can also leave a voicemail for an inmate using the same system.

In Person:

See Visitation guidelines here.

Any other questions? Please contact our jail staff at 817-594-4208.

  1. Aileen Stanphill permalink

    Can an inmate receive typewritten letters? I was told that everything had to be handwritten, but
    I feel that I need to ask.

    • PCSO permalink

      Yes, typewritten letters are acceptable.

  2. Shaun permalink

    is a inmate named “Francisco Do U______ge” in this jail?

  3. Can e-mail be used to request inmate contact or to leave a message for the inmate to call?

  4. How can I get money to a inmate when I live in another state?

  5. Ron permalink

    When someone transfers in, will mail en route be forwarded there from the previous facility, or returned to sender?

  6. Jessica Huitt permalink

    Can the socks be white with grey toes?

    • PCSO permalink


    • Martinez ale permalink

      My friend husband is there can she visit him with a consular id or it needs to be a u.s id

  7. Shelly permalink

    If funds have been deposited t his account to make phone calls or general account for mommissary how is he to know that information if its not given to the inmate? Inmate if not aware of a pin number they are assigned to check what is actually is available for them. Options inmates have are listed on website.

    • PCSO permalink

      When the inmate picks up the phone and enters their PIN there is a message waiting on them. If you do not want to rely on that system, you could always call our jail staff and they will get the message to them.

  8. Aileen Stanphill permalink

    Thank You

  9. Marie permalink

    do i need an id code of the inmates to put on the envelope
    so he can surely get it?

    • PCSO permalink

      No, their first and last name is enough.

  10. Amanda permalink

    Does the underwear have to be white?

  11. Christins permalink

    How many pics can be sent per stamped envelope?

    • PCSO permalink

      As many as the United States Postal Service will allow.

  12. Amanda permalink

    Can an inmate receive cards made from construction paper? My kids made them for their dad.

    • PCSO permalink

      An inmate can receive a card made from construction paper, but he/she will not be able to retain it in their area. The card will be presented to him/her and he/she will be allowed to look at it. It will then be collected and placed into his/her property.

  13. Michelle Rodriguez permalink

    I bought some white tennis shoes (no laces) for an inmate through online Payless website since I’m not allowed to physically send those things, but he has not received it. How can I contact the Facility’s mail and packaging office?

    • PCSO permalink

      In order for the shoes to be accepted they must have velcro (no shoelaces) fasteners. If you have any questions call (682) 229-2346

  14. Michelle Rodriguez permalink

    Hi! I was told that in order for my dad to receive a package of shoes I sent he is supposed to write a request for them to the captain. I was wondering of how this process works? Thank you.

    • PCSO permalink

      In order for the shoes to be accepted they must have velcro (no shoelaces) fasteners. If you have any questions call (682) 229-2346

  15. Steph permalink

    Do yall list all inmates in yalls search? Cause we are having trouble finding one that we were told was there?

    • PCSO permalink

      All inmates being held on local city, county, or state charges will be listed on the web site.

  16. Jovana Duran permalink

    How can I send inmate socks and boxers

    • PCSO permalink

      White socks and white underwear can be sent to an inmate via the US mail by an online retailer. On our website under divisions, click on “Jail” and then click on “Contacting an inmate”. The mailing instructions are there.

  17. Mike Burns permalink

    I sent a letter to a friend in jail and the letter bounced back to me because I had included inkjet printed pictures in the letter. Above, on this web page, it says that pictures are allowed and nowhwere does it say that inkjet printed pictures are forbidden.

    • PCSO permalink

      The website was updated today to include the policy about the ban on inkjet printed materials. If you have any other questions feel free to contact the jail staff at (817) 594-4208

  18. emma permalink

    what kind of stamp are the letter supposed to have?

    • PCSO permalink

      Any United States Postal Service stamp(s) of the proper amount will work.

  19. AEE permalink

    Can inmates receive Ciggarettes in the mail?

    • PCSO permalink

      No. Tobacco is not allowed into the facility.

  20. Anne Bohan permalink

    Can ladies underwear have a small tag with the manufactures name on the outside of the waste band, or printed on the outside of the waist band?

    • PCSO permalink

      Inmates can also receive up to 3 pairs of white socks, underwear, thermals top/bottom (not one piece) and t-shirts (no tank tops or pockets) by an online retailer through the mail

  21. Danna Robbins permalink

    What online store can we use to purchase items for an inmate?

    • PCSO permalink

      Any online retailer will work

  22. Julie permalink

    Can an inmate receive mail from anyone or does it have to come only from people who are on an approved list?

    • PCSO permalink

      visit the sheriff’s website:

      click on “Divisions”. Then click on “Jail’ and “Contacting an Inmate”. All the rules relating to what mail an inmate may receive is listed there.

  23. CKNGUYEN permalink

    Can I send an inmate boxers? Does the t-shirt and boxers have to be white also?

    • PCSO permalink

      Yes. Boxers are allowed, however, the boxers and any other underwear must be white. The website was updated today to clarify that issue.

  24. Cynthia Russell permalink

    Are we allowed to send travel size hygienic items from an online vendor?
    Thank YOu

    • PCSO permalink

      There are hundreds of hygiene products so, the answer to the question is Yes and No.

      Any type of item available through the commissary (shampoo, deodorant,..) will not be allowed into the jail. An individual will have to get approval from the jail before sending any other hygiene product that is not available through the commissary,

      Other items are prohibited. This list is more extensive and includes aerosols, petroleum based products, make-up, emery boards, metal objects (nail clippers, nail files, tweezers,..), etc.

      In addition, all feminine hygiene products are prohibited. Feminine hygiene products are provided to the inmates.

  25. Riley permalink

    I keep receiving calls and it says from an inmate. I do not know who it would be from?

    • PCSO permalink

      This might be a telephone scam. If you do not know who the inmate is just hang the telephone up. DO NOT press or enter any numbers, if prompted. For example, you may be requested to enter an asterisk ” * ” followed by two digits. DO NOT do this. Again, just hang the telephone up.

  26. Natalie permalink

    Is there a limit to how many pages of paper we can send to the inmate? As in written/typed letters to the inmate.

  27. Natalie permalink

    Amending my previous question. Is there a limit of how many pages I can send at one time?

  28. Kaytlin permalink

    Would a school ID surfice or does it have to be government issued to visit an inmate?

    • PCSO permalink

      If you are 17, or under, a valid school ID will be sufficient, but you must be accompanied by an adult. If you are 18, or older, you must have a valid government (US or state) issued ID or drivers license.

  29. Debra Turner permalink

    If the paperback book you want to send only comes with a dvd/cd attached, can you (at the jail) take that part out and just give the inmate the book part?

    • PCSO permalink

      Yes. After the book arrives at our facility the dvd/cd will be removed and placed in the inmate’s property. The book will then be delivered to the inmate.

  30. Janet Shelley permalink

    In order to obtain POA (Power of Attorney) over an inmate, can I take forms up to the jail to be signed or do I need to send (mail) them in?

    • PCSO permalink

      Yes. Bring the forms with you to the jail and let the Visitation Officer know they need to be filled out and notarized.

  31. Amy permalink

    Can items be purchased from, any online retailer? and what if 3 pkg of items are not sent but qty increased because of packaging. …does the additional items get saved for later, discarded, or given away?

    • PCSO permalink

      Items may be purchased from any online retailer. If the number of items, due to packaging, exceeds the allowable limit then the excess item(s) will be placed into the property of the inmate.

  32. SFW permalink

    Can inmates receive e-readers shipped directly from Amazon or retailer?

    • PCSO permalink

      No. Electronic devices are not permitted.

  33. Allen permalink

    Do I need an inmates number to mail them letters?

    • PCSO permalink

      You can mail correspondence to an inmate at the following address:

      Inmate’s Name
      C/O Parker County Jail
      612 Jameson St.
      Weatherford, TX 76086

  34. Gigi Popperwill permalink

    Can I send my husband hallmark cards in the mail? I see that someone asked if they could send hand made cards and y’all said that you would show them and then take it to their property. Is it the same with store bought cards?

    • PCSO permalink

      Same rules apply to store bought cards.

  35. Lee permalink

    What number will I receive when an inmate contacts me?

    • PCSO permalink

      The number that is displayed is 682-582-8250. If you try call the number back it will be routed to a customer service number showing they are the provider for Parker County Sheriff’s Office and then will give menu options to create an account, add money to inmate phone accounts, etc.

  36. Junior permalink

    Do inmates have a certain time they are allowed to use the phone or can they use it any time during the day?

    • PCSO permalink

      Phones can be used throughout the day.

  37. Chelsie permalink

    What kind of shoes can I send a inmate?

    • PCSO permalink

      All shoes that are sent to an inmate from an online provider must be all white in color, must be slip on or Velcro (no shoe strings), no logos, or removable metal pieces.

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