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Supervisor – Captain Rick Campbell


The Parker County Reserve Program was established in January 1977 with the goal of augmenting the full-time Sheriff’s Patrol Division. Members of the Reserve Unit are volunteers who serve without pay or other compensation. Each Reserve Deputy is required by state statue to complete the same training that all basic officers and deputies are required to obtain prior to licensure by the State of Texas. Additionally, each Reserve Deputy is required to undergo 40 hours of advanced instruction every two [2] years to maintain their license.

Reserve Deputy Applicants undergo a stringent and thorough background investigation prior to their employment. The Parker County Sheriff’s Office requires that all Reserve Deputies complete the same field training regimen as regular deputies. Upon completion of the field training program, the Reserve Deputies are placed in the same field and function as their full-time counterparts. Members of the Reserve Unit are held to the same standards as regular deputies and are subject to the same rules and regulations.

The Reserve Unit deputies give freely of their time allowing regular deputies to utilize vacation or holiday time.

Throughout the years, the Parker County Sheriff’s Reserve Unit has proven to be a true and valuable asset to the citizens of Parker County. This group of individuals is highly dedicated and proud of the services to their county and neighbors.

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