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Training Coordinator Michael Troutman


Welcome to the Parker County Sheriff’s Office Training Center.  I was to thank you for visiting our training site.  Below please find the current training calendar and some core courses needed for an Intermediate Proficiency Certificate. If there is a class you or your agency wants/needs please fill out the form below so I can schedule it.

Training Center Mission:

The Parker County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Training Division provides law enforcement officers with the best training and instruction available.  By focusing on core training, in-service training, weapons proficiency, and self-defense training; the Training Division strives to be a leader in the development and delivery of innovative training programs and educational opportunities.  These goals are achieved by providing a motivating educational environment complimented by seasoned and experienced instructors dedicated to their profession.  The Parker County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Training Center is committed to developing well-rounded law enforcement officers with a special emphasis on professionalism, integrity, and commitment.

  1. Child Abuse Prevention and Investigation #2105
  2. Crime Scene Investigation #2106
  3. Use of Force #2107
  4. Arrest, Search, and Seizure #2108
  5. Spanish for Law Enforcement #2109
  6. Identity Theft #3277
  7. Asset Forfeiture #3255
  8. Racial Profiling #3256
  9. Human Trafficking #3270
  10. Crisis Intervention Training (40hr) #1850
  11. Interacting with Driver Deaf and Hard of Hearing #7887
  12. De-escalation Techniques #1849
  13. Missing and Exploited Children #3275
  14. Child Safety Alert Check List #4068
  15. Canine Encounters #4065
  16. Cultural Diversity #3939
  17. Special Investigative Topics #3232


Training Schedule

2019-1st-quarter-training UPDATED!! 

WC college map

Those attending ANY CIT courses at the Weatherford College, Please complete the registration form below. The class will be in room 125 in the Jack Knight building.

College Training Registration form


Background Investigation Course 

below 100 description


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