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Three juveniles and a woman were inside a Springtown residence when a bullet entered the home Friday, May 25, 2012.

by on June 1, 2012

JUNE 1, 2012.





Inv. Patrick Snell and Crime Scene Tech John Branson work the Crime Scene.

Three juveniles and a woman were inside a Springtown residence when a bullet entered the home Friday, May 25, 2012.

The Parker County woman reported unknown person(s) shot at her residence in the 900 block of Rhodes Lane around 3:30 p.m., while she was in her bedroom and her son, accompanied by his two of his friends, were in the den of the residence. The victim stated she heard eight to 10 shots outside of the home, and then discovered a bullet had penetrated the exterior of the house and several interior walls.

Deputies arrived on scene and observed a hole in a metal outdoor storage shed, in a window next to the front door, an interior wall in the den about 36 inches from where the juvenile boy was located, and the master bedroom, about three feet from where the woman was. Deputies found projectile from a .223 caliber bullet on the floor of the master bedroom, where the woman had been during the incident.

Although an initial investigation was conducted at the time of the incident, Sheriff’s investigators went to the residence Thursday to further the investigation to discover the path of the projectile to see where it originated from.

Sheriff’s investigators discovered the path of the bullet came from private property located adjacent to the victim’s property. The suspected weapon was recovered and a ballistics test will be conducted to determine if a match exists.

“We want to impress upon the public that unsafe handling of firearms is extremely dangerous,” said Sheriff’s Lt. Mark Arnett. “The victims are very lucky in this case. It could have been a bleak outcome.”

The case has been forwarded to the Criminal Investigations Division with the Parker County Sheriff’s Office and is currently under investigation.

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