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by on May 22, 2014

MAY 22, 2014.



The Parker County Crime Stoppers Board wants the public to notice the red and white signs popping up all over the county.

The signs alert the public of the organization’s ability to take anonymous tips about crimes and suspects and generate them into solved cases resulting in arrests. Additional signs are placed throughout the county each year, informing the public what number to dial when calling with tips.

The 2013 year proved the Parker County Crime Stoppers volunteer board has been productive.

In 2013, the organization assisted local law enforcement agencies by receiving and forwarding 120 tips which led to 33 arrests, 31 cases cleared, and 27 additional charges, which would not have been made possible without the tipsters calling the hotline.

Those same tips led to the capture of 14 fugitives whose arrests would not have been made possible without tipsters taking the initiative to call the hotline anonymously.

Also in 2013, the organization received tips which generated a total of 27 additional charges, leading to more than 26 separate rewards which were approved by the board last year, for a total annual payout of $9,600 of combined anonymous tips.

The organization can proudly claim that through the hotline and because of the tipsters, illegal narcotics with a street value of $13,815 were seized by officers and deputies, and are no longer on the streets of Parker County.

Board members would like to stress that the tips are generated and completely anonymously through the hotline. Call takers forward the tips to the appropriate law enforcement agency, then to the proper division, and on to the investigator or detective assigned to the cases.

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said the tips are extremely helpful when all leads are exhausted and investigators wish to turn to the public in locating individuals or searching for additional leads on crucial cases.

“In many instances, it helps significantly to have a reward posted regarding sensitive cases so we can locate a suspect,” Fowler said. “We are fortunate to have the Crime Stoppers organization in assisting us. Many cases would go unresolved without their cooperation and their strict policy of anonymity in generating tips from the public.”

Weatherford Police Chief Mike Manning echoed Fowler’s praise for Parker County Crime Stoppers.

“The organization’s statistics speak for themselves,” Manning said. “It is a highly successful cooperative effort between the citizens and law enforcement. If not for the participation of the donors, citizens and board members we would not have near the success as we have seen.”

There is no doubt; the local Crime Stoppers organization is growing along with the population.

Board members are seeking additional volunteers as reputable board members.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the organization or volunteering for the board, you may contact Weatherford Police Captain Greg Lance, at (817) 598-4403.

If you have a tip regarding a local case or crime, you may remain anonymous by calling the Parker County Crime Stoppers Hotline at (817) 599-5555. Crime Stoppers will pay up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest or indictment.

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