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Sheriff Warns of Jury Duty Scam Sept. 3, 2014

by on September 3, 2014



SEPTEMBER 3, 2014.




Sheriff Warns Public of Jury Duty Scam


Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler is warning the public of impersonators attempting to scare residents into a scam for profit.

Sheriff Fowler has been made aware of several incidents where suspects have placed phone calls to targeted citizens stating they are county representatives.

The caller informs the victim they have failed to appear for jury duty, resulting in a monetary fine. The suspects then threaten the victim with the issuance of an arrest warrant if the victim refuses to pay the fine.

The caller then instructs the victim to pay the alleged fine by using a debit or credit card, over the phone.

The victims are requested to provide their debit or credit card number along with the three-digit security code

located on the back of the card. The suspects end the call by directing the victim to contact the county court house or county clerk in order to remove the victim’s alleged warrant in light of their “payment.”

Sheriff Fowler said county officials do not advise residents of failure to appear for jury duty or warrant notifications by phone.

“It’s disheartening to see anyone scammed out of their hard-earned money,” Fowler said. “These suspects carry out devious actions and their scheme is calculated. Parker County officials certainly do not contact citizens seeking payments for fines over the phone.”

The Parker County Sheriff’s Office sends failure to appear notices only by the United States Postal Service mail system.

Sheriff Fowler encourages residents to contact the Sheriff’s Office to report any suspicious calls from individuals soliciting money.

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