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PCSO Awarded Agency of the Year 11/09/2017

by on November 9, 2017

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler, Parker County Judge Mark Riley, PCSO Dispatch Supervisor Fonda O’Connor, Telecommunicator Kallie Dobbs and Patrol Captain Anthony Bilbay receive the Agency of the Year Award from NCTCOG for outstanding dedication to 9-1-1 service.



Parker County Judge Mark Riley congratulated Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler on earning the Agency of the Year Award for professionalism and outstanding dedication to 9-1-1 [service].

The prestigious award was given by North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG), for the Regional 9-1-1 Program. The Sheriff’s Office is the 2017 top pick of all qualifying state agencies.

“This is a true honor,” Sheriff Fowler said. “For our agency to be recognized for the hard work and dedication our team puts forth is a wonderful accolade to their contributions.”

The award is only afforded to agencies who meet a list of stringent criteria including:

Quarterly compliance of Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) monitoring, up-to-date documentation, clean equipment, and escalates any ongoing equipment issues to NCTCOG staff; voluntary compliance and clarification with Inter-local Agreement; NCTCOG Trail Projects and surveys participant; proper notification of Automatic Number Identification and Automatic Location Identification (ANI/ALI) discrepancies; prompt interaction with NCTCOG 9-1-1 staff of gathering requested documentation; Telecommunication Device for the Deaf and Text Telephone (TDD/TTY) compliance of monthly testing procedures for each dispatcher; supportive of training opportunities and strives to keep dispatchers current on training; regular supervisor meeting attendance and contribute to subject matters while passing on and posting information to call takers; being active in  Together Accomplishing Goals (TAG 9-1-1 Public Education Program Team), and striving to educate citizens on the use of 9-1-1.

Dispatch Supervisor Fonda O’Connor said each member of the telecommunications team is a vital part of the success of the PCSO dispatch center. O’Connor also thanked PCSO Educational Telecommincator Kallie Dobbs who used much of her own time to willingly participate in educating the public on 9-1-1 safety in accordance with NCTCOG regulations.

“Our goal is for 100-percent compliance,” Dobbs said. “After reaching that goal, we continue to strive to maintain that record in addition to setting the highest standards of 9-1-1 provisions. This is also the direct result of the effort of each shift, team member and leader.”

Judge Riley was pleased with the presentation saying he also recognizes that the award is only given to the most deserving agency.

“I was informed there are only 43 agencies who met all of the criteria to be considered for the award,” Judge Riley said. “As a community, we are always grateful for our dispatchers and law enforcement personnel. We are especially proud of them for receiving this recognition for their outstanding performance and service.”


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