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Man Arrested After Paying Bail with Stolen Credit Card April 20, 2018.

by on April 20, 2018


Parker County Sheriff’s investigators arrested a man in connection with making a fraudulent bond payment to get out of jail by using a stolen credit card.

Joshua Ray Harle, 23, of Springtown, was arrested on April 11, for an unrelated charge of theft of property $2,500 to $30,000. His bond was set for $10,000.

Harle was released from custody the following day and went to Brazos Bail Bond Company to make his bond payment of $1,540.

The credit card owner reported that his credit card was taken on April 10, when his vehicle was burglarized.

Sheriff’s investigators also discovered Harle had used the stolen credit card to make an online purchase and to buy cigarettes at a local gas station moments before making the fraudulent bond payment.

During an interview, Harle implicated himself in the use of the stolen credit card to make his bond payment, as well as other additional illegal purchases.

Harle was re-arrested this week for going off-bond on his two previous charges of the theft or property and a possession of a dangerous drug.

Harle was additionally charged with fraud use possession of identifying information. As of Friday, Harle remained at the Parker County Jail with a new total bond set at $23,010.

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said, “With today’s technology it is very simple to track any electronic payment. We have clear evidence of the suspect making fraudulent transactions to his bond company and other businesses. Now this young man’s bond has more than doubled due to his criminal actions.”

Sheriff Fowler added this case is currently ongoing and will be filed with the county prosecutor’s office for consideration of prosecution.

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