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Man Arrested for Stabbing Dog in the Head 7/25/18

by on July 25, 2018

Parker County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man after responding to a call where a dog was stabbed in the head.

Sheriff Larry Fowler said deputies responded to the 100-block of Brook Drive in Cresson, Parker County around 9 p.m. Monday, and discovered a brindle-colored female pit bull dog bleeding in the bathtub, with the suspect holding an alcoholic beverage inside the home exhibiting signs of intoxication.

The suspect, identified as Matthew Shane Clements, 30, of Cresson, reported “he got mad because she is in heat.” When the other dogs began sniffing the dog, he told them no, and the female dog “snapped” at him, so he “hit the dog on the head.”

He then told the deputies he went to his neighbor’s home and asked them to “call the cops because he just put his knife through his dog’s head,” and that he “tried to kill her,” but later said, “that’s not right.”

Clements’ described the knife as a small, black pocket knife.

Sheriff’s deputies observed the dog whining and rubbing her head on the ground. She suffered a stab wound above her right eye, and was taken to an emergency veterinarian clinic for treatment. According to the doctor, the dog may not make a full recovery, because the tip of the knife remains in her skull. Due to its location, surgery is not recommended, and would present a life-threatening procedure. Sheriff Fowler said the dog is still under the care of the veterinarian.

“The dog has been surrendered to the custody of Parker County,” Fowler said. “We are making certain she continues to receive proper medical care.”

Clements was arrested and charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals; torture. As of Wednesday morning, he remained incarceration. His bond has not been set.

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