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by on April 26, 2019


The Parker County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a public service announcement regarding counterfeit bills circulating in the Parker and Palo Pinto County areas.
Sheriff Larry Fowler said business owners should alert their employees about people attempting to pass counterfeit bills during the course of daily business.

“Residents should also stay alert to the possibility of counterfeit money when conducting business transactions as well,” said Sheriff Fowler.

Some of the bills collected recently include advertising notes that appear to look like $5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 bills. The note(s) clearly state they are for “Motion Picture Purposes,” but employees are not paying close enough attention to the markings. The counterfeit bills otherwise look genuine.

Sheriff’s investigators are currently working with local banking institutions to be aware of counterfeit funds before transactions are made.

“Be aware, those attempting to pass counterfeit bills will frequently use the fake bills at a range of stores and businesses including department stores, convenience stores, specialty stores and gas stations,” said Sheriff Fowler. “Investing in counterfeit detection markers would be a wise decision. They are inexpensive and may be an effective tool in loss prevention.”


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