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A Dog Called Hope

Hope continues to improve every day. Here are some recent photo’s of her.

We have received several questions on how people can donate money to bolster the reward. If you wish to donate to our Animal Cruelty Reward Fund you can:

Make checks payable to:

Sheriff’s Animal Cruelty Reward Fund 

and mail to:

ParkerCounty Sheriff’s Office

129 Hogle St


July 10, 2012


July 11, 2012


July 12, 2012

Vet Tech Rhonda Sears loves on Hope, who sports a new necklace from Shadow and Syndey two K-9 friends from Garland, Texas, July 12, 2012.



Hope found a home! Click here to read the press release.


July 16, 2012

Hope continues her healing at the skilled hands of  Veterinarian Dr. Kevin Buchanan and his loving employees at Bowie Drive Animal Hospital.


July 25, 2012


July 26, 2012

News Article about Hope



  1. G Armstrong permalink

    This is fantastic to see. I’m so glad this little dog is recovering. I read about her in a UK paper. Good luck to her and to the Sheriff and is team in tracking down the vermin who did this to her

  2. EGB86 permalink

    Can we donate online for her care or reward fund? Either through you or the SPCA of Texas?

    • PCSO permalink

      We appreciate your concern. All of Hope’s medical bills have already been covered. if you wish to donate to our Animal Cruelty Reward Fund you can:

      Make checks available to:

      Sheriff’s Animal Cruelty Reward Fund

      and mail to:

      Parker County Sheriff’s Office

      129 Hogle St

      Weatherford, Texas 76086

  3. Jessica permalink

    Thank you SO SO SO much for rescueing Hope ❤ She is beautiful! I would LOVE to adopt her!! Whom ever you do decide gets to adopt Hope PLEASE make sure they're a PERFECT Dog mommy and or daddy!! Poor Hope has been trough so much she deserves nothing but the best. I'm SO sick of animals being abused at the hands of vicious people, please make sure she is not going to be at risk for this again.

  4. S Toigo permalink

    God bless you for everything you have done to make sure Hope’s story has a happy ending. The abuse this sweet little dog endured is heartbreaking, but I find comfort in the fact that good folks like you take crimes like this seriously. Thank you so much!

  5. Denise permalink

    Sending love from the UK. What a horrendous story to read. I couldnt begin to imagine the terror Hope endured. It brings me to tears to even think about it.
    I hope the scum who did this to her are found and kept away from the rest of society for a very long time. No living creature should ever be treat in such a disgusting way – it’s very disturbing to know that there are some individuals who deem it to be okay.

    Good look in your search for these cruel and twisted beings. I wish Hope the speediest of recoveries and pray she is welcomed in to a new and mch more loving home in the future.

  6. Kym permalink

    You guys are awesome. Thank you do much for helping save this dog! I wish there were more law enforcement people out there like you! It brings a sense of peace to the animal loving community to see that power does not always corrupt and that they are people who care! Thank you again!!!!

  7. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of Hope and for pursuing her abuser. It is wonderful to see how important you feel it is to catch her abuser, and to assure her care now and in the future. You are heros in every sense of the word.

  8. Thank you for helping little Hope and working to find the monsters who hurt her. You inspire us.

  9. God bless you for everything you have done to help HOPE! It great to see that you guys are doing all you can to find the “THING” that did this to HOPE!!!!! THANKS doesn’t see to be enought to say!!!!!!!!

  10. denise permalink

    I wanted to send a thank you to the sheriff. I sure hope you can locate who did this but appreciate the effort you have done so far, easy to do nothing. thank you from saugatuck,mi

  11. Debbie permalink

    Thank you so much for taking care of sweet little Hope! I pray that you can find and prosecute her abusers. No animal deserves to be tortured like this. Please give Hope kisses from me!

  12. M Dilts permalink

    Sheriff Fowler, I echo all the other comments of appreciation for your determination and kindness regarding this poor little creature. It Is encouraging to know you will make evey effort to locate the person(s) involved with these barbaric actions and take action on Hope’s behalf.

  13. Thank you so much for saving dear sweet Hope…you are all Hero’s to myself and many others. Hard to believe how cruel people can be, I pray you find the monster or monsters responsible for these awful, cruel, mean acts to Hope. And they are PUNISHED! God Bless you Hope, lots of good people Love you. Please make sure her new family Loves her and will in no way harm her ever again. She deserves only the best. She’s an inspiration of pure kindness. xoxo

  14. Patty permalink

    Thank you for the true love & caring for Hope and others like her. I pray that her abuser is found and punished severly, I for one believe in doing to them what they have done to Hope.

  15. Thanks to all involved for rescuing this dog. So different from other agencies. THANK YOU!!

  16. Analu permalink

    Thank you for saving Hope. Prayers are with you

  17. Cindy permalink

    please catch this (person) or (persons)s who could do this. thank you for all your hard work on this case.

  18. Norma permalink

    Sheriff Fowler, Thank you for doing all you can do to assist Hope AND hopefully catch her tormenters! During this economic crunch it is heartening to see an Agency setting their priorities and helping defenseless animals. Kudos to you, your Staff and to the person who reported that Hope was in need of rescue.

  19. Shannon permalink

    Thanks for rescuing Hope! I hope whoever did this is aught and actually gets the punishment they deserve and not just a slap on the wrist!

    • OldMan, Nashville, TN permalink

      Agreed; no wrist slap. . . too often that is all they get in these animal cruelty cases, it’s just not right.

  20. Lori permalink

    Thank you for saving Hope. Please find the sicko (s) responsible … Before they move on to children

  21. Kate permalink

    Thank you for saving Hope. She is going to make a wonderful addition to someone’s family. I hope you catch the person who did this to such a sweet defenseless animal. I shutter to think what they are capable of next.

  22. Kelly permalink

    Sending good thoughts and thanks from Imperial County, California. Many thanks to Sheriff Fowler for rescuing this dog.

  23. God bless and keep you safe, Sweet Hope! There just aren’t words to express how much all of you folks who have helped this little girl – I am so thankful for each one of you who have and will continue to share in her amazing rescue. I know you have received countless offers but how do I, what do I do to be considered as her forever ever ever loving Mom? I live in Colorado and have all kinds of good reasons why her life here would be wonderful. How do I proceed to be considered to adopt her? Please direct me! Without having read the story, one look at her eyes and the love and the terrors and the HOPE in them, and I knew we have a future together. You are a very GOOG GIRL, MISS HOPE! Please contact me.

    • PCSO permalink

      Ali, we appreciate your offer and you can contact our animal shelter at 817-598-4111 to put your name down. But I must tell you that there are a lot of people on that list! Good luck,


  24. A HUGE thank-you to the Parker County Sheriffs Officers for helping Hope and not viewing this as a low priority- Your department rocks! Is there a fund we can add to- via PayPal to catch this sub human trash. Really do wish it was the old west: 1 short rope and 1 tall tree!

  25. Lena-San Francisco CA permalink

    THANK YOU for all that you do, especially helping Hope. Catch the scum and please let us know when you do! It’s so scary to think there’s such a predator out there!! I’m very afraid of what they’ll move on to next…

  26. Michael permalink

    Thank you so much for the updates on Hope! It does my heart so good to see you good compassionate people to counter the evil side of human cruelty! Now all that remains is to capture the sick person responsible and punish them accordingly! I hope you will continue to update us! Thank you again for this!

  27. Yvette permalink

    I just pray for Hope’s total recovery. Please Sheriff office find the low-life, despicable who did that to her. Thank you to all the nice people who are caring for her. She is beautiful and so forgiving. She could teach a lesson to some. I am mailing a donation.

  28. jack permalink

    I have a home on 1.5 acres in Ohio, with other well-loved dogs. I am sure you have had plenty of offers, but Hope is welcome to come here. We’re ready for her at any time, just e-mail me.

  29. Joyce permalink

    To Melanie (Hope’s rescuer), THANK YOU so-o-o-o much for finding and rescuing Hope! God put you at that location for this reason. To the PCSO – THANK YOU for pulling out all efforts in order to capture Hope so she could be saved! To the wonderful vet (Dr. Buchanan) and staff at Bowie Drive Animal Hospital – THANK YOU for saving Hope! You did a terrific job!! This whole ordeal has touched all of us who are major dog lovers. It breaks our hearts to see the video and learn the story of this poor dog. I, like the many, many others who have fallen in love with Hope, would love to adopt her … and want nothing less than the very best home for her. Sheriff Fowler – we look forward to your finding and arresting the very sick person who did this!

  30. micandsam permalink

    Thank you for taking such good care of Hope. I wish every animal had a loving home like our dog. I know she will get a loving family and be cared for (and spoiled), which she so deserves!!

  31. Jennifer permalink

    I want to thank the Sheriff’s department for taking this tragedy so seriously. I cried when i read her story in the news. Animal cruelty is much too common and does not receive the attention it should. Anybody whose mind is so broken that they derive pleasure from causing so much pain to a defenseless and trusting creature will surely harm a human and is not worth the space they occupy on this planet. Only a monster would be able to think of such a revolting method of torture and they deserve nothing less than having the same atrocities inflicted upon them. Hope is an amazing little girl and I am thrilled that her story has a happy ending. Thank you to everyone who participated in her rescue. You may count on checks from myself and my family pledging our support in capturing the soulless, depraved sociopath who hurt poor little Hope.

  32. Shelby permalink

    Can I please adopt Hope? I’ve been waiting to find the perfect dog and my heart tells me that Hope is the baby for me. I know we would have fun and I would give her the love and repair she needs..

    • Sarah permalink

      Aw Shelby, you, like myself, have fallen in love with Hope. I read she’s been adopted by a great family there in Weatherford. There are many abused dogs near you waiting for loving people like you and I hope one of those poor creatures finds you. xx Sarah, a fellow dog-lover.

      • OldMan, Nashville, TN permalink

        Try the Tunica (Horshoe) Humane society in Tunica, MS. They have over 100 dogs there in need of good homes, many of them abused or negelected. They are a wonderfull shelter but recently lost funding from their local county and we are uncertain if they will make it at this point, as they are relying almost solely on generous donations from the public. Please adopt folks! Here is the link to their website:
        And here is a link to the very touching Fox News story which led to my learning of them:
        And here is the most recent story of what the local County is doing to their funding:
        If you are interested in adopting, please contact Sandy Williams at the shelter (contact info is on their website). Feel free to mention Chris from Nashville, TN referred you. And to Parker County, y’all should be so thankful to have officials like Sheriff Fowler and his department staff who care about these animals, unlike some other municipalities.

  33. Michael permalink

    How is Hope doing now? Any updates on finding who committed the terrible crimes to this sweet dog? Thank you for a place where we can comment and get updates, your all good people! 😘

  34. Sarah permalink

    I would like to give my whole-hearted thanks to the wonderful Sheriff and his awesome Deputies at the Parker County Sheriff’s office for rescuing Hope. You treated her so humanely and went out of your way to rescue her when you could have let Hope meet a horrible death. I know this story may “play out” after a few weeks but not with me! I will follow this story until the monster that tortured Hope is caught. I pray you find her torturers and that they meet the justice they deserve. I will be happy to make whatever donation I can to your animal cruelty fund. My daughters hid my computer from me when Hope’s story first broke and was top Yahoo news that day. It happened to be my birthday and they knew it would ruin my day. But now I have tears of happy joy that people like the Sheriff’s office, the Bowie Drive Animal Hospital and now the people that have adopted Hope exist in this cruel world. Thank you with my whole heart.

  35. cassie permalink

    great to see hope now has a loving family, l have been following this story from aus and find animal abuse goes on worldwide. hope you catch those people involved and they get the full force of the law.

  36. Kim permalink

    Shefiff Fowler and the rest of the people involved with Hope’s case are to commended for taking such good care of her and allowing her to be adopted so quickly. Often the animals involved in cruelty cases remain in a shelter for a long time. I think it’s wonderful that soon she’ll be running around on a ranch being cared for by two kind people, and getting to the business of leading a normal life. God bless all of you!

  37. My son is a deputy so I can relate to their dedication. May God Bless everyone involved in finding the scum that did this……….should be “an eye for an eye” in this and all countries.

  38. Jon permalink

    Thank you to all who have helped. My contribution is on the way. Hopefully someone will come forward with information soon, but just in case no one does is the Sherriff’s Office interviewing people and actively searching for the perpetrators? I hope so for Hope’s sake.

  39. Nina permalink

    Thank you so much to all who helped save little Hope. Knowing that there are such despicable people who get satisfaction torturing a helpless creature of God make me just weep for humanity. God help us. I find it difficult to even go through the days since reading Hope’s story. I try to stay positive and believe in all the good people but my heart is so heavy. It is taking a lot of strength and prayer to understand this and to keep hoping and believing. Thank you for all you have done. This story could have ended a tragedy. I will find comfort in that it has not thanks to all of you.

  40. Michael Reid permalink

    Just wondering if there is any progress in finding the criminal who did this to Hope. Can we see some pictures of her new home? Updates? Can’t let this story end like this! 😁

  41. Cheryl permalink

    Thank you for saving Hope. She is so precious! Please, please, please verify she will be safe in her forever home.

    Can you let me know if you are accepting care packages (treats, etc) for Hope or to keep on hand for other dogs that are in your care?

    Thank you.

    (dog lover in Illinois)

  42. Pam Knippa permalink

    Thank you for the updated pics of Hope, please keep us posted on her progress. I “hope” she is getting the attention she deserves living with so many other dogs. She’s a special one.

  43. Tpkp8808 permalink

    I am so thankful that she was taken to Bowie animal hostpital!!! If she would of been taken to the shelter she’d of been dead for sure!!!

  44. Thank you so much for helping Hope! We need to put pressure on our governments to create and enforce strong animal cruelty laws. I’ve created a petition, in honour and memory of Captain, a German Shepherd from Vancouver, BC, Canada, who was emaciated, stabbed, brutally beaten (rendered quadriplegic and with brain hemorrhaging), and left in a dumpster to die. The petition is to lobby our government (British Columbia and federal) to construct and enforce strong animal cruelty laws. If you would like to sign, you can do so at the attached link. I think adding comments would be beneficial. Please share — the more signatures we get the more likely we will be able to effect change. Thanks.

  45. Michael Reid permalink

    Have they caught the evil doers yet? Please update, it’s now August 18th, I haven’t forgotten Hope! How is she doing!

    Thanks, just wanted you to know we are still out here with hope for Hope!

    Michael Reid

  46. Michael Reid permalink

    Thanks for the response but that’s too bad that it seems Hopes abbusers are too get away Scot free! Sure wish they had been found out and punished. Thank you for the update!

  47. Pam Knippa permalink

    Michael, I completely agree. Especially since this sick a-hole killed another dog with the same method. Thank God they found Hope in time. I’d love to see that criminal(s) be tortured the same way.

  48. mike mccarrell permalink

    Sure isn’t “Mayberry” anymore…..I’d LOVE for them to gimme this guy for just five minutes. What a childhood he must of had.

  49. a petersson permalink

    now september 21 – any perps caught yet – ???

    • PCSO permalink

      October 3, 2012

      No arrests have been made in this case.

      • Mike Reid permalink

        Too bad! Thanks for letting me know though!

        From Michael Reid

  50. Lance permalink

    We’re can I do community service n Parker county

    • PCSO permalink

      Contact your Probation Officer or the Probation Department. They should have a list of all the places you can do Community Service.

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