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07-10-2012 Animal Cruelty HOPE

by on July 10, 2012

          July 10, 2012.



ParkerCountySheriff’s investigators are seeking information about the suspect(s) responsible for torturing a dog.

A concerned citizen called the Sheriff’s Office Monday, July 9, 2012, around 8:30 a.m., to report an injured dog wandering in the 6900 block ofBaker Road.

Sheriff’s Animal Control Officers arrived on scene to find a pug-mix breed female dog, about 3-4 years old, severely injured and frightened.
Sheriff’s ACO Supervisor Karen Kessler said the dog, now named Hope, had a severely swollen tongue after someone had used electrical tape to forcefully shut her mouth after pulling her tongue out.

The caller attempted to free Hope from the tape but the frightened animal ran from her.

Kessler said animal control officers, and about 10 concerned citizens searched for Hope on horseback, four-wheelers and on foot for several hours. Hope was finally found circling a stock tank, apparently seeking water around 5:30 p.m.

Hope was taken toBowieDriveAnimalHospital, where Dr. Kevin Buchanan and staff immediately treated her.

Veterinarian staff said it took about 100 internal and external stitches to close five cuts which Hope suffered, which were one to five inches in length and through her muscle tissue.

Hope’s temperature was 105.7, more than the average 101-102 degrees for an adult female dog. She was overheated, bleeding from apparent intentional injuries, dehydrated and unable to eat, drink or pant.

Veterinarian staff performed surgery to stabilize Hope. She is currently on pain medications and antibiotics. Hope has been given IV fluids to re-hydrate her and sedatives to calm her.

Dr. Buchanan told animal control officers that Hope’s mouth had been taped shut with her tongue exposed for more than 24 hours and will more than likely lose a portion of her tongue due to her injuries.

If Hope is able to drink and eat without assistance, she is expected to survive.

ParkerCountySheriffLarry Fowlervisited Hope early Tuesday morning and said he made a few phone calls on her behalf. Several local businesses are establishing a reward fund for information leading to the identification of the suspect(s) involved in the crime against Hope.

“This is horrendous,” Fowler said. “I can’t imagine what would bring a person to such an evil act. We are fortunate to have found her when we did. Our investigators have seen some pretty terrible things in their careers, but this case is deeply disturbing and leaves us shocked.”

Fowler added evidentiary items from Hope have been submitted to an area crime lab for analysis.

“Anyone with any information is strongly urged to contact us,” Fowler said. “We are treating this case with the highest priority.”

Fowler also wanted to personally thank Dr. Buchanan and his staff for staying with Hope after hours for her emergency treatment and care.

Cruelty/torture of a non-livestock animal is a state jail felony. Those with information may call the Parker County Sheriff’s Office at (817) 596-8845 or the Parker County Crime Stoppers Hotline at (817) 599-5555. You may remain anonymous when calling and receive up to a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and/or indictment of the individuals involved in this crime.



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  1. Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler, you ROCK! so does all the staff that helped Hope. You must be the most famous County Sherrif in the world by now. I hope it will help you get loads of money in and to keep fighting your fight against the monsters behind these crimes. Maybe you can use this to start a fund to help animals worldwide.
    From the Netherlands, big respect and affection.

  2. Johnnie permalink

    Thank’s to the Sheriffs dept. for helping catch this poor dog. I along with several friends pray this person or group will be found and given maximum punishment.

    Johnnie, N. Richland Hills Tx

  3. Thank you for rescuing Hope! I hope you will give us updates not only on her condition (hope she improves) and on finding the monster that did this to her.

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