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Hope Finds a Family

by on July 13, 2012

July 13, 2012.






ParkerCountySheriff Larry Fowler has announced that Hope has a new family. She has found a permanent home with the loving family of Charlie and Kit Moncrief, ofParkerCounty.

Hope was found Monday evening wandering the Moncrief’s ranch after unknown suspect(s) purposely taped her mouth shut and her tongue was protruding in blistering heat. She suffered intentional cuts, was dehydrated and overheated with a temperature of 105.7.

Hope underwent surgery requiring 100 internal and external stitches to close her wounds.

The Moncriefs will welcome Hope as their new family member within the next week after she is released from her medical care.

Sheriff Fowler knows the Moncriefs will provide and excellent home environment, where she will be well-loved, pampered and cherished.

“I have known the Moncrief family for many, many years,” Sheriff Fowler said. “I can’t think of a better family for Hope to belong to. She will think she is in heaven at her new home with her new family.”

Bowie Drive Animal Hospital Dr. Kevin Buchanan, DVM and staff have reported Hope is doing very well and has made miraculous health improvements. She is now eating and drinking on her own. Although her tongue has not completely healed, she is expected to make a complete recovery with little loss to her tongue.

Sheriff Fowler would like to thank the hundreds of callers wishing to adopt Hope.

“This was an easy decision for me,” Fowler said of Hope’s new family. “and it is certainly in the very best interest of Hope.”

Hope has received countless visitors bearing gifts and well-wishes from around the Metroplex. The Parker County Sheriff’s Office andBowieDriveAnimalHospitalhave received donations from around the nation. She adores her visitors and has showed no signs of withdrawing from people due to her torture.

Sheriff’s investigators have investigated several leads in the case but are still seeking the suspect(s) involved.

Fowler strongly encourages anyone with any information about Hope or the suspect(s) to call the Parker County Crime Stoppers hotline at (817) 599-5555. You may remain anonymous when calling.

“This is the bottom line…” Fowler said. “If they will torture a defenseless creature, what else are they capable of? We need to find the person(s) responsible for this.”

Crime Stoppers will pay up to $1,000 for any tips leading to an arrest. Hope’s donated reward fund is a guaranteed $9,000 for tips leading to an arrest.

An additional $25,000 has been anonymously donated for tips leading to the arrest, indictment and conviction of the suspect(s) responsible in Hope’s torture.

Overwhelming donations have accumulated to completely cover the costs of Hope’s medical treatment and care.

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  1. Karen permalink

    Fantastic news! Hope will have a life filled with love.. The Moncriefs are great people! Now, may justice prevail. We are blessed to have Larry Fowler as our sheriff.

  2. Leslie of Miami, Texas permalink

    God Bless this wonderful couple.

  3. Yvette permalink

    May Hope and her new family be blessed and enjoy each other. Please, please, one picture of Hope with her new parents whenever she is being “delivered” home.

  4. Dale permalink

    Thanks to all who cared for Hope and to Sheriff Fowler who will continue to pursue Hope’s abuser.

  5. Daniel permalink

    We were so happy to hear that Hope is doing well. Please Sheriff, find the people who did this…Daniel and Maricela send our thanks from Los Angeles, CA

  6. Michael permalink

    Your a good man sheriff Fowler! I think it’s wonderful that you’ve found a good home for Hope and based on what I’ve learned about you I’d bet money that your judgement is perfect in this choice! I have but one more request! When you catch the culprit'(s) will you please post the life story of them? Along with some 8 x 10 color glossies so we can tack ’em up around the world so others possibly may think twice befor committing such heinous crimes against animals! One more request sheriff, would you please consider running for president? We need someone like you to straighten up this country! Thank you much!

  7. Len permalink

    Don’t give up looking for scum that did this. Some kid or worse may be next.

  8. Carol Ann G. permalink

    Dear Sheriff Fowler and others in your Department who are wearing their hearts on their sleeves:

    Thank you, thank you all so much for helping Hope! It’s also my sincerest wish that you and your Department will find out who the (person[s]) are who did this! This person/people are sick!

    …I wonder how many people who have read Hope’s story would like to have 10 minutes alone with those person(s) and do unto them as he/they did unto Hope…

    Thank you to the unnamed passer-by who stopped to pick Hope up and take her in for medical care – and finally thank you to the veterinarians, technicians and everyone else who has helped out this poor little girl and allowed her a chance to be loved and spoiled!

    Thank you also to the Moncrief family who has adopted this beautiful little girl and who will love and cherish her forever!

    Thank you all – and a very special thank you to all who have donated money to cover Hope’s medical bill, and to those who have contacted the Sheriff’s Department/Crime Stoppers to add to the reward.

    …and to whoever sees Hope: give her a kiss and a hug for me please?

    God bless all of you!

    Warm regards from Canada,

    Carol Ann G.

  9. Kathlyn permalink

    God bless Sheriff Fowler, Parker County and the Moncrief family. I’m so happy to know Hope is loved and on the mend.
    Its a sad world we live in where animals are so often the victims of heinous acts. I hope whoever tortured Hope receives a visit soon from Karma!

  10. OldMan permalink

    I think the Parker County Sheriff’s Office mission statement says alot about what type of folks they are. . . what a wonderfull mission statement.

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