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Hope Update

by on July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012.



ParkerCountySheriffLarry FowlerandBowieDriveAnimalHospitalstaff are keeping a close watch on Hope’s progress.

The skin on Hope’s snout has begun to peel from electrical tape which unknown suspect(s) wrapped several times around her snout with her tongue protruding one week ago. With Hope’s snout taped tightly shut, she was unable to drink, eat or pant for more than 24 hours in theTexassummer heat.

Sheriff Fowler said Hope has been under excellent veterinarian supervision since she was found last Monday.

Dr. Kevin Buchanan stated the peeling, also known as sloughing, of Hope’s skin was expected.

Sheriff’s Animal Control Supervisor Karen Kessler said Hope’s condition, although painful, has not kept her form possessing a sweet nature.

“It doesn’t seem to phase her much,” Kessler said. “She’s just as happy as she can be, despite her pain and discomfort.”

Dr. Kevin Buchanan, DVM, said the constriction of the tape compressed Hope’s skin against the bone creating a loss of blood supply.

“The damage was already done once the tape was removed,” Buchanan said. “The left side is pretty deep. We anticipate some scaring, but we don’t know how much of her hair will grow back. Her skin is expected to heal completely.”

Dr. Buchanan does not anticipate the sloughing to create a long-term medical problem, although, it will cause a cosmetic scar.

For now, Hope is being treated with antibiotics to prevent infection and hydrotherapy for the sloughing.

Buchanan said hydrotherapy will stimulate the raw tissue and help the wound to shrink and heal. The stimulation is performed by a stream of water circulation to remove debris and promote healing. It is done with low pressure, luke-warm water. Hope will endure hydrotherapy for about 10 days.

“She continues to be a sweet dog even with the removal of the tissue,” Buchanan said. “It was obviously painful, but she still has not shown any signs of aggression toward us and [she] even seemed appreciative of our help.”

Vet tech Rhonda Sears will continue to be Hope’s care giver for approximately three more weeks until she is well enough to arrive at her new home and be in the permanent care of Charlie and Kit Moncrief.

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  1. Dale permalink

    Hugs and puppy dog kisses to that sweet girl Hope!

  2. Hope permalink

    So glad Hope is recovering. Whats happening to find the people who did this to Hope?

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