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Sheriff Warns of Scam May 9, 2014.

by on May 9, 2014

MAY 9, 2014.





Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler is warning the public of another shady scam by con artists.

In mid-April, a 78-year-old Parker County female reported to deputies, that she received a call from a man impersonating a police officer from the Dominican Republic.

The suspect conned the victim into sending $7,000 in cash as “bail money” for one of her family members who was allegedly incarcerated after being at-fault in an auto accident which occurred out of the country.

The suspect allowed the victim to speak with another male suspect, impersonating the victim’s alleged family member.

The suspect convinced the victim to place $100 bills between pages of several magazines and package the money to a forwarding address in the Dominican Republic.

After she sent the money, other family members told the victim she had fallen for a scam, and encouraged her to report the incident to the Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies contacted the mail delivery company to report the incident, attempt to have the delivery cancelled, and have it returned to the victim.

The shipping company later reported the package had already been delivered and the suspects picked up the package containing the cash.

“It is disheartening to know anyone would take advantage of another person,” Sheriff Fowler said. “What seems to be surprising is that a second suspect impersonated the victim’s family member. They knew her name, the family member’s name and personal information. We strongly suggest anyone who receives similar calls, to immediately verify the information and contact your local law enforcement agency to report the incident prior to sending any type of payment.”

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