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Pets and Summer Heat Service Announcement June 2017

by on June 20, 2017



Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler made a public service announcement Monday afternoon regarding proper summer care for pets.

“Any outdoor animal requires extra care and monitoring due to the extreme Texas heat,” said Sheriff Fowler.

Sheriff’s Animal Control Supervisor Karen Kessler added domestic animals require adequate shade, preferably a proper doghouse that is well-ventilated.

“Setting a doghouse in direct sunlight without ventilation in high temperatures is asking for a grim outcome concerning the life of your pet,” Kessler said.

Parker County Animal Control officers said the number one cause of pet heat-related deaths is lack of water and shade.

Sheriff Fowler said having water present is simply not enough. “All pets require having plenty of fresh water in a secured container that will not spill or tip over,” Sheriff Fowler said. “That container needs to be placed in the shade and changed daily.”

The service announcement comes in light of a call where Sheriff’s animal control officers responded to in the 100 block of Cheyenne Trail, around 4 p.m., Friday

Officers arrived on scene and discovered a deceased adult male pit bull-mix chained to a rock formation in the front of a residence. The dog had no shade, and no water had been made available. A small empty plastic bowl was located in the yard.

A plastic dog house cover had been placed over the dog before officers arrived on scene.

Sheriff Fowler said the death of the dog is currently under active investigation.

“The veterinarian who evaluated the deceased dog reported his internal temperature was over 109-degrees at the time the necropsy was performed one hour after the incident was initially reported,” Sheriff Fowler said. “The normal temperature for a healthy dog is 101-degrees. Steam escaped from the dog when the body cavity was opened. A final necropsy will determine the exact cause and manner of death, which is pending at this time. If criminal negligence is determined to be the cause of death, we will pursue charges to the full extent of the law. We will state that the dog was improperly restrained. Parker County has a tether law.”

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