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Sheriff, Judge Seek to add SROs March 1, 2018.

by on March 1, 2018


Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler and County Judge Mark Riley have been in discussion with Parker County school superintendents regarding additional school resource officers to cover campus security.

“We are always evaluating and addressing the needs of our school security and emergency plans,” Sheriff Larry Fowler said.

County Judge Mark Riley said he plans to ask the commissioner’s court for immediate funding to add another school resource officer at the next meeting on March 12.

“We have excellent partnerships with school districts, and we will continually address our role in campus security,” Judge Riley said.

Judge Riley added he intends to ask the court for additional budget funding in the coming year to add more school resource officers.

Sheriff Fowler said his office has always worked in collaboration with the judge’s office, commissioners’ court and school superintendents on site surveys to enhance security measures for both students and faculty.

“Safety is our top priority,” Sheriff Fowler said. “We will take the necessary steps to protect our students and staff in the most expedient, efficient manner. The new school resource officer will be in addition to our current SRO force and regular campus patrol security checks.”


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